Normalises arterial blood pressure

The device is designed for the medicine-free correction of arterial blood pressure and the normalisation of the body’s overall condition.
It can be used either as part of a comprehensive treatment (along with medicines) or on its own.

Correct blood pressure
Helps reduce or increase arterial blood pressure.
Less drugs
Helps reduce the number of drugs taken.
Comfortable life
Regular use helps improve mood and gives an overall feeling of wellbeing.
In any weather
Reduces the effects of abrupt changes in weather on your body.
Always at hand
Electrical stimulation by the device contributes to the improvement and normalisation of vascular wall tone, and has a positive overall effect on regulating the body’s physiological systems.
Zones affected
The inbuilt electrostimulative electrodes act on the biologically actives zones of the wrist.
Button for increasing blood pressure
Button for reducing blood pressure
Methodology of effects

Electrical stimulation occurs using a weak electric current and is barely perceivable. The device uses programs which differ from each other in terms of frequency (from 9 to 77 Hz), time shift and amplitude.

Selection of a particular program results either in reduction of sympathicotonia, which leads to hypertension, or in contrast increases the insufficient impact of the sympathetic nervous system on vascular tone, which leads to hypotension.

Arterial blood pressure normalises
Overall physical condition improves
Emotional state improves
Ability to work increases
Medicine dosages reduce

MC6 – zone for reducing arterial blood pressure. Located on the inner side of the left forearm.

Stimulating these zones has a significant sedative effect on the cardiovascular system. The device is used for cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertonia, vegetative-vascular dystonia with fluctuations in blood pressure, neurosis and sleep disorders.

One session should take 5 minutes. Remove any watches or bracelets from your left arm, roll up your sleeve, attach the device and press the button for reducing blood pressure. After the session is over, it is important to sit or lie down somewhere quiet and relax. Once the session is over, relax for 20 minutes. We recommend repeating sessions 1-3x per day over a 14-day period.


TE5 – zone for increasing arterial blood pressure. Located on the outer side of the left forearm.

Stimulating these zones stabilises vascular tone in abrupt atmospheric pressure changes. Stimulating the zones has a gentle toning effect. The device is used for headaches and vegetative-vascular dystonia with fluctuations in blood pressure.

One session should take 6 minutes. Remove any watches or bracelets from your left arm, roll up your sleeve, attach the device and press the button for normalising blood pressure. After the session is over, it is important to sit or lie down somewhere quiet and relax. Once the session is over, relax for 20 minutes. We recommend repeating sessions 1-3x per day over a 14-day period.

Highly efficient in the treatment of patients with mild hypertension
"The reliability of the effectiveness of the product in complex application with drug treatment for the correction of moderate hypertension was statistically confirmed."
Julia Viktorovna Kotovskaya, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Blood pressure correction as well as improved stress management
"It can be used to correct blood pressure, as well as to treat and prevent the general adaptation syndrome (acute stress response, chronic fatigue syndrome, overwork, etc.)"
Gennadij Nikolajevič Ponomarenko, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Comfortable, pleasant feeling during the procedure
The blood pressure corrector generates impulses similar to the shape of the nervous system curve, discovered by Nobel Prize winners Mr. Hodgkin and Mr. Huxley. These impulses alter human neurons.
Irina Mikhailovna Chernysh, Doctor of Medical Sciences, researcher at Pervyy Mgmu Im. I.M. Sechenova
Indications for use of device
Occasional increases or reductions in arterial blood pressure in stressful situations or during changes in weather.
Arterial hypertonia or hypotonia as a supplement to comprehensive drug treatment.
Early arterial hypertonia or hypotonia at a phase before prescription of medicines. At periods when the patient is advised to change his lifestyle, diet, avoid bad habits, physical activity, to reduce excess body weight.
Vegetative-vascular dystonia of hypertonic or hypotonic nature.
Secondary (symptomatic) arterial hypertonia or arterial hypotonia for patients with endocrine renal pathology.
Contraindications for use of device
Individual intolerance to electric current.
If you have a pacemaker implanted.
Neoplasms of any ethology or location.
Acute fever of any origin.
Mental disturbances or being under the influence of alcohol.
Fluctuating arrhythmia.
Myocardial infarction.
Efficacy is confirmed by clinical trials

Conforms to international quality standards, certified as a medical device in the EU

The circumference of the wrist on which the elastic wristband is placed can be from 68 to 120 mm.
The device’s weight is 200 grams.
Light-emitting diodes are used to indicate the device’s operating mode, which pulsate gently when the device is used.
When the battery is used up, the red battery symbol flashes. This means you need to replace the battery.
Power supply to device
2 LR03/AAA or R03/AAA batteries are used as a power supply.
Two new batteries of 1500mA/hr are enough to undertake approximately 100 sessions (procedures).
Batteries are not included within the device package.
Device package contents
Inferum ABP-051 device.
Instructions for use of device.
User case.
Materials used
Components of the device’s cover are made from ABS plastic, upper cover – clear plastic.
The wristband is made from elastic soft textile which ensures there is tight contact between the electrodes and the skin of the wrist.
Care for your device
Use non-aggressive disinfectants to clean the electrodes (e.g. soap solution or a weak chlorhexidine solution) and soft cloths which do not release fibres.
The device contains fragile components. Protect it from shocks. All device repairs should only be undertaken by qualified staff at the production plant.
To prevent possible damage to the device, you must not use the device while other electrical equipment is in use.
Storing the device
Temperatures from -40 °C to +50°C and relative humidity of up to 80% (at +20°C). If storing the device at an ambient temperature below +10 °C, leave it at room temperature in the closed package for at least 3 hours before using it (to prevent condensation formation).
Operating the device
Temperatures from +10 °C to +35 °C and relative humidity from 30% to 93%, atmospheric pressure from 70 kPa to 106 kPa.
Operate the device at sufficient distance from heat sources and protect it from long-term exposure to sunlight at high (higher than +35 °C) ambient air temperatures.
Protection against moisture
The device is not watertight; protect it from increased humidity. The device cover’s protection rating is IP 41.
The warranty period for using the device is 2 years.
Product distributors
Tommesani snc
Via Camillo Casarini, 18 E
Aktivier Dich GmbH & Co. KG
0341 5502871
Gohliser Str. 8
United Kingdom:
Miracle Devices Ltd.
4 Bulldogs Bank, Sharpthorne
West Sussex
RH19 4PH
United Kingdom
Africa (Kenya):
Rehema House, Ground Floor, KaundaStreet
P.O BOX 1040
Czech Republic:
Golem & partneři s.r.o.
Kozinova ulice čp. 44,
PSČ 344 01
Česká republika
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