The power of Altai nature

Products containing extracts of medicinal plants and unique ingredients from the Altai Republic - pantohematogen and stone oil. A combination of nature and modern technology that strengthens the immune system and helps heal the whole body.
Treasures from the Altai Republic
Only balanced natural ingredients
Day after day
Suitable for long-term use in any season
Direct effect
Choose effective complexes depending on your needs and use them one after the other
Immune system protection
It protects against diseases, restores vitality and strengthens the immune system
The Altai Republic - an environmentally pure region of the world. Wild rivers, endless fields, thousands of lakes and fresh mountain air - this nature has always generously rewarded the Altai territory. Medicinal herbs, berries, nuts and minerals are the perfect materials provided by nature in the Altai Republic.
Our products have been specially developed for the European market and their quality is confirmed by European certificates.
The basis of the series "Mineral complex"
White mumijo

White mumijo is a natural food supplement with a sour taste; it mostly comes in white, but it can also come in various shades such as beige, brown, red and green. The colour depends on the percentage of different minerals it contains.
It can come in the form of powder, mineral flakes or pebbles, which differ in colour.
Since ancient times, this ecological, non-toxic product has been used to treat diseases and rejuvenate the body, because it stimulates the immune system, boosts metabolism and accelerates the most important chemical reactions in the body’s cells; it is a natural antiseptic and has many healing effects.

Healing effects
Antimicrobial effect
Accelerated regeneration of any kind of tissue damage
Support of natural defence systems, reduced allergic reactions
Antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects
Rejuvenating effect
Natural analgesic
The basis of the series "Energy of Nature"
Pantohematogen - Maral red deer antlers

The maral red deer (Altai red deer) is a deer living in the Altai Republic; it is one of the best known and most widespread subspecies of deer in Russia. Breeding of this deer is most widespread in the Altai Republic, which is remote from the country’s industrial areas. “Modern civilisation” has not yet reached the Altai Republic, as a result of which a natural, pure area has been preserved. Optimal altitude and large stocks of feed are the factors contributing to the emergence of maral red deer breeding farms.
Young maral deer antlers that have not yet mineralized have a spongy texture. The special healing properties of the antlers are not accidental, as the animal’s body produces a huge amount of bone tissue during their growth, and this growth rate is not known in any other animal!
This process requires incredible strength and concentration of substances that regulate the growth of this strong organ.

Healing effects
It boosts the immune system, lowers the risk of disease
It accelerates the regeneration of damaged skin and increases the rate of bone healing after fractures
It slows down the aging process and increases work productivity and mental activity
It improves sleep, digestion and the cardiovascular system
It increases performance during strenuous physical activity or sports
It increases sexual performance and reduces the risk of diseases of the urogenital system
Comprehensive health programmes
CARLAINE products target different areas, affecting individual organs and systems as well as the body as a whole. We have developed product lines that reinforce each other and increase the overall effect. We recommend using individual products in a complex simultaneously for 2-3 months.
Slim figure
Healthy heart
Active life and immune system boost
Anti-stress programme
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