Fast The time spent testing is no longer than 3 minutes. Frequency of testing one person – no more than once every 20 minutes.
Simple Test performed on a biologically active point on the wrist. Does not require special training. Simply connect your ROFES to a computer or tablet.
Important Check your health, diet, physical activity, stress level and impact of external (damaging) factors.
For the whole family Testing up to 7 people. The results of each measurement are saved in your personal profile.

How Rofes works

ROFES captures information from the biologically active MS – 7 point, which is located on the wrist of your left hand. The device’s active electrode sends a weak electric signal and registers the body’s response to the impulses.

ROFES compares the data acquired to models which correspond to the body of a healthy person.

Data acquired

  • Testing overall state of health and 17 individual organs and systems
  • Analysis of data, and subsequent display on screen within 3 minutes
  • Assessment of psychoemotional state
  • Assessment of the negative impact of damaging habits on the body
  • Determination of the negative impact of stress and overwork
  • Identification of external factors which have a negative impact on the body
  • Identification of problems before any external symptoms appear
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of drugs and medicines

Assessing overall health

Hodnocení celkové úrovně zdraví

Assessing your psychoemotional state

Hodnocení psychoemocionálního stavu

17 organs of the body

17 orgánů tělesných soustav

Rofes video

Video description. Test performed on a biologically active point on the wrist. Does not require special training. Simply connect ROFES to a computer or tablet.

The Rofes testing method is based on an electric acupuncture method.

Krok 1

The active electrode sends out a weak electric signal and registers the body’s response to the impulse.

Krok 2

Rofes compares the results acquired with standards and displays the results on the monitor.

Krok 3

Using the device

All programmes needed and instructions for use are included in the complete package. Precise and clear instructions mean you will soon understand the method of using the device and can begin testing. Your results will be ready in three minutes.

ROFES can be connected to a PC using the Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 operating systems, or to a tablet using the Android operating system with the following technical support:

  • Android version no lower than 4.2
  • Screen size no smaller than 7 inches
  • Tablets should support OTG (On the Go) external technology

Options for using Rofes

  • Testing a group of people (including family members) and recommending recovery programmes on the basis of your individual results
  • Checking the effectiveness of procedures given and medicines used for the tested person. Assessment of the impact of sports exercise on the body.

Care for your family

ROFES allows you to monitor the health of those close to you.

Treatment in time

Using the ROFES device, you will find out about any problem before it fully expresses itself. Symptoms usually occur at a time when it is already important to see a doctor.

Food supplements

Allows you to monitor the effectiveness of any food supplements you take.

Damaging factors

It shows you how bad habits, bad working conditions or other external damaging factors impact on the body.

Large workload

Any large success requires more resources.

Saving you time and money

Allowing you to determine your body’s overall health, the health of 17 organs and systems, and your psychoemotional state within just 3 minutes.

Regular diet

Helps you to choose a healthy and balanced diet.

Overwork in sport

Allows you to monitor the efficiency of sports activities and determine the optimal workload for your body. Enjoy sport.

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